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2010 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition

Peter Strobos was selected as an award winning artist in the 25th Annual Chelsea International Fine Art Competition by Ms. Megan Fontanella, Assistant Curator of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. He was presented an Award Certificate of Excellence by Ms. Fontanella and selected to participate in a Collective Exhibition at Agora Gallery, Chelsea – Manhattan, New York during August of 2010.  On the reception evening Peter and other international award recipient artists were introduced to all present by Gallery Director, Angela Di Bello, and applauded for having being chosen from literally hundreds upon hundreds of international entrants, as well as for the high standard of work displayed. Two questions where put forward and the artists were later interviewed in the video room. Here’s the video from the wonderful opening reception of the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition exhibition at Agora Gallery, Chelsea-Manhattan, New York City. Enjoy!


Peter Strobos had the following to say about the event:
“It was a wonderful experience to participate in such a prestigious event and meet with all involved. Thank you Agora gallery for the professional manner in which the entire occasion was handled. As well as great exposure, there was a wonderful ‘buzz’ at the reception and what a perfect opportunity to chat with international artists, view the high standard of work on exhibition and mingle with art lovers alike.”


Excerpts and Screen Capture from the Agora Gallery website:

Exhibition invitation for Artist Peter Strobos in New York City.

“The 2010 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition exhibition features an incredible collection of juror selected artistic talent from around the globe. Working with photography, painting, sculpture, digital and installation art, these artists fashion their visions in the modern world using both traditional and cutting edge technologies, continually pushing the boundaries of creativity. This impressive selection of artists chosen by competition juror Megan Fontanella, Assistant Curator of the Guggenheim Museum, will thrill audiences looking to explore the abundant variety of the contemporary art scene.” – Agora Gallery


Press release for Peter Strobos, Award Recipient Artist.

“The oil paintings of Peter Strobos explore the many facets of form as they exist in a solitary instant, suspended briefly in time as one moment slips into the next. Born and raised in South Africa, he spent some time in Spain, and was influenced by the art, architecture and culture there. Currently residing in the Netherlands, Strobos works from a limited palette, using pure strong color to depict the movement and tangible space that exist within his forms. What results is a masterful capturing of the ebb and flow of spirit, of the energy that forms the basis for all life as we know it.” – Agora Gallery Press Release


Artist statement for Peter Strobos.

“I crave the discovery of visual ways to express my curiosities with science, nature, and the wisdom that they have to offer. I continue to explore related facets, to fully comprehend what I must depict, and assemble this journey, into the big picture. Only pure, strong color and layering can achieve a luminosity that indicates aura, life, movement and tangible space, enabling the capturing of a moment as it passes. The versatility of oil offers me a myriad of color from a limited palette, giving me the freedom to sculpt, in realistic detail, on large flexible linen and canvas surfaces.” – Peter Strobos for Agora Gallery


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Contemporary Fine Art by Peter Strobos - South African born artist from the Netherlands.

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