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A work in progress to offer random glimpses into the creative process behind one of my paintings. Several updates will be posted through to completion.

Once I have an idea of what I would like to create, I draw a series of rough graphite sketches to obtain a feel for the direction of the work. I find that sketching is good grounding, and more often than not, fun and relaxing too.

Quick concept sketch of a woman floating upward.

Rough pencil sketch of a female figure soaring skyward.

Graphite concept sketch of a woman ascending.

When happy with the result, I complete a concept sketch. This I sometimes draw in colour pencil instead of graphite.

Colour pencil concept sketch of woman rising upward.

Next I draw a light basic outline onto the linen, and begin to block in a rough background as a guide. Although this will mostly evolve as I progress, it gives a good impression of the direction of the painting.

Initial brushwork for painting, I am a perfect unlimited being by Peter Strobos.

Painting groundwork layer, I am a perfect unlimited being by Peter Strobos.

Artist Peter Strobos painting, I am a perfect unlimited being.

Oil painting groundwork, I am a perfect unlimited being by Peter Strobos.

Now that the groundwork is complete, I will begin with improvements and slowly work in the detail, layer upon layer, from rough through to a fine finish.

To be continued…


Author Peter

Contemporary Fine Art by Peter Strobos - South African born artist from the Netherlands.

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