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Crystal Whisky Glass – A Digital Rendering

I continue to be both fascinated and inspired by the various genres and styles of quality digital art being created these days. I have also learned a deep respect for the artists who develop and use new media, and recognise the experience, passion and dedication involved.

I enjoyed painting several whisky glasses some years ago, and therefore decided to model a whisky glass for the practice, with facets and all. This naturally lead to creating ice cubes etc. to make up a complete scene, with the intention of achieving a certain level of realism. Modeling and texturing was done in Blender 2.63 using my own image textures, and rendered with Cycles GPU rendering.


Crystal whisky glass on wooden table 3D rendering.


Crystal whisky glass 3D model, polygonal mesh.


Crystal whisky glass 3D model, wireframe mesh.


Crystal whisky glass 3D rendering close-up.



Author Peter

Contemporary Fine Art by Peter Strobos - South African born artist from the Netherlands.

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