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People are often surprised to discover that my finished paintings are actually hand painted original oil paintings. On closer inspection the texture and the brushwork of the painting are in fact visible, but not immediately obvious. Furthermore, online images can seldom successfully convey the finer nuances of an artwork. To compensate for this, I like to share a little of what goes on behind the scenes. Painting progress snapshots are a way for me to share glimpses of the creative process and reveal certain layers beneath the finished painting.

Beginning stages of oil painting, Lavender by Peter Strobos.

 Using thinned oil paint to block in the rough colour underpainting.

Painting the fluid cellist, Lavender by Peter Strobos.

Working on the form of the cellist with her cello.

Painting the fluid cello, Lavender by Peter Strobos.

Cellist starting to come to life…

Reshaping the fluid cello, Lavender by Peter Strobos.

and now much nicer with modified scroll and peg box.

Painting groundwork background, Lavender by Peter Strobos.

The basic groundwork almost complete.

Painting further layers, Lavender by Peter Strobos.

Enhancing depth and form with subsequent layering.

Oil on linen painting, Lavender by Peter Strobos.

and now for the final result!

Artist Peter Strobos painting detail for Lavender.

For more info, visit Lavender.


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Contemporary Fine Art by Peter Strobos - South African born artist from the Netherlands.

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