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Been some time since the last post, so here goes! In future, I hope to make the time for more frequent updates. The previous post  showed completion of the undercoat. The following stage covers painting of the actual colour layers, in preparation for further detail.

Painting in colour layers, Muse in introspection by Peter Strobos.Adding colour to the undercoat

Building up paint layers, Muse in introspection by Peter Strobos.Building colour and reshaping where necessary

Completing the colour layer, Muse in introspection by Peter Strobos.Finishing the colour layers

Oil painting groundwork, Muse in introspection by Peter Strobos.The painting is now ready for further layers, then detail and contrast.

In the next stage the hair will be completed, further layers will be added to refine the face and body, then final detail and contrast where required.

To be continued…


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Contemporary Fine Art by Peter Strobos - South African born artist from the Netherlands.

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